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Just letting you know how extremely pleased I am with the results of the Permatrim Trim installation. It was installed on a 50 HP Evinrude E-Tec powering a Lund 18' Alaskan also equipped with a 9.9 Honda kicker. The Permatrim installation results are : getting on plane faster at a lower speed, less bow rise, slower cruising speed (fuel savings), better handling in turns (stern does not dig in, runs flat), boat rides flat in choppy waters with less bow pounding and no loss of top end speed. I highly recommend the Permatrim to anyone seeking better boat handling and control.

Chuck T.




September 24, 2012

I added the permatrim S5 on my Ankona Copperhead powered by an Etec 60 and this has helped in every way.  It knock about 3.5 sec off my hole shot and even increased my top end.  I tested it the same way under the same conditions with the same load.  Hole shot decreased From 8.7 to about 5.3 seconds and top end went from 39.8 to 41.2mph.    The best fuel milage was 11.9 mpg @27mph. The slowest was around 11 mph and still on plane.  I can start and run jackplate at any level.  Noticed the permatrim forcing water to the propeller and not just spraying out the sides.  I sanded, primed it, and painted it in etec white and it looks great. Very happy with the permatrim product.


Thank you,
Capt. Ryan G.

High & Dry Adventures
Ft. Lauderdale, FL