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Once again thanks for being so helpful during my purchase of the Permatrim.... ( mailing two, so I could decide)...As I mentioned to you before, I had another stabilizer in place, but preferred to have the Permatrim....So, I was working with 4 holes that were already there...Hence, my hole pattern is a little out of line...
Install was easy, not to mention the permatrim looks a lot better, it also performs better...I was looking for a little more stern lift, and it has helped in that area...I also can run with the jack plate at a little higher setting...The first day out I noticed all the difference's right away, my engine even sounded a little quieter for some reason....
I had to ask my fishing partner if he noticed that, because I thought it was just me...Anyway thanks for all your help... Doug




Sea trial went great, lost 1 mph top end. Boat comes right out of the water and up on a plane with four
adults on the boat.
Mid range cruise speed is up 2mph @ 4000 rpm's. The boat will stay on a plane at at a
much lower speed. The boat rides much better in a chop. I can keep the bow down where it needs to be.

The best accessory I have put on the boat since I bought it, drives like a different boat.