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                12ft-22ft Single\Twin Outboard Engine Boats 

Single engine outboard powered boats 12 ft. to 22 ft. are our biggest customers. There are many reasons for this, but mostly because in terms of sales they are the most popular.  Most of these boats do not have trim tabs installed and owners are looking for ways to economically "get their bow down.”  With the newer, slightly heavier 2 and 4-stroke outboard engine technologies, there is no doubt they  are great performers, but they do bring more weight to the boat transom. This may necessitate more power to get your boat on plane. Increased transom weight may cause the boat to fall off of plane faster, lead the boat to ride bow-high, and possibly porpoise at higher speeds with engine-up trim. With a Permatrim installed, these issues are successfully resolved.


I recently installed an M9 Permatrim on an 18 ft. Boston Whaler with a 150hp engine for a local customer.  Without this Permatrim there was a good deal of bow rise while coming onto plane. The installation of the Permatrim enabled the same boat to come onto plane almost flat - as in very little bow rise and much less throttle applied. Minimum planing speed was also reduced from 21 mph to 15-16 mph. On a choppy day, trimming the engine down will further push the bow of the boat (where the hull shape is at a sharper angle/deadrise) in the water.  This will assist in creating a smoother ride by decreasing the “pounding” or “slapping” felt in these types/sizes of boats.

It is common to actually gain some wide-open throttle speeds with a properly installed outboard (height wise). This is due to the fact that the outboard may be trimmed higher, which in turn decreases the hulls wetted surface area and in turn decreases hull friction.  Decreased hull friction will invariably lead to higher speeds. These results may vary per boat, but I will stress the importance of a properly installed outboard to receive the most benefit from the engine.


Is it possible to have a more enjoyable ride?  Is it possible to reduce the complaint that it is too “choppy” out?  Sure it is with the installation of a Permatrim.  Install one for the enjoyment of the whole family today!