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July 21, 2010
Andy, I got it out on the water today.  Much improvement.  The product worked as advertised.  Out of the Hole in about 1/4 of the time it took before.  Actually, it couldnt even get out alone before; we had to lean out over the front to get on plane.  Now we sit back, and the Permatrim takes us out on its own.  No top Speed loss.  GPS shows same top now as it did before Permatrim.  Thanks for all the help Andy.


P.S. One of the Nuts in the kit was not threaded.  Never seen one of those before.  I guess it missed that part of the assembly line.  No Biggie, New one was 17 Cents at the hardware store down the street.


Thanks again for all the help.


P.P.S.  This went on a 1995 Addictor Bambino 333 with a tohatsu 40C.                                                     Just for your reference.


October 25, 2012
Quick update on my Permatrim pressure plate, I live and use my 15ft. Pathfinder Tunnel
powered by a 2012 40hp Tohatsu in the 10,000 island of the Everglades National Park. I 
replaced the standard three blade prop with a new four blade and your pressure plate
and the results are better than I expected.  I run shallower, more efficient, better control
in the turn with little to no cavitation.  
Thanks for your help. 


May 9, 2013

Hi Andy,

Just wanted to let you know that the Permatrim plate solved my problems with my Carolina Skiff J12. The boat has a jackplate on it with a 5 1/2" setback. The motor is a Tohatsu 15 hp with a 4 bladed prop. The motor is jacked up 2" to help in the shallow water I'm in. Now with 2 persons in the boat, it jumps up on plane, has good top speed and there is no cavitation at all, as well as no sliding in turns. The Permatrim  made a whole new boat out of the J12. My Hobie Power Skiff may be next in line.

Gary L.