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I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the PermaTrim. My boat a 1996 EdgeWater Marlin is very stern heavy. I was powered by a 250hp 2 stroke I had a plastic fin on the cavitation plate. It really did not help that much. The bow would still raise up on acceleration. When I repowered I went to a 300hp 4stroke thinking that the extra horse power and torque would help. It did not. I would need to throttle up to 5200 rpms and then back down to 4800 to remain on plane. Needles to say my fuel burn was ridiculous. If I got below 4600 rpms she would fall off plane. I figured I would need to go back to a fin. I started to search and found PermaTrim. What a difference!!! It is solid metal not plastic. My bow does not raise now. I can get on plane at a much lower rpm, and I can stay on plane at 3500 rpms. I have been able to drop 5.2 gph maintaining the same running speed. The boat runs level and flat. I have my tabs tucked in., I use them now just to fine tune when weight shifts. This is the greatest investment that I could have made. I have attached pictures of the installed PermaTrim.

Thank you for a great product.
Barry T.

October 14th, 2019

Hi Andy

I am blown away by the difference these Permatrims have made on my Kevlacat 2000. Before the Permatrim installation I was having a ridiculous amount of bow lift before she got on plane. Now, I still have some bow lift but it has been reduced drastically with the Permatrims. Also, a lot of this hull?s quirks have disappeared. She no longer buries a sponson out of nowhere. I can also lower the bow with much more control and prevent porpoising.

Good stuff!

Tito Richa