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Back in Feb of 2007 I bought a "Permatrim" from Shipyard Island Marina, Inc. for my 19ft 2004 C-Dory Angler; equipped with a Honda BF90. I spent hours researching a solution on this web-site and others, on how to correct some handling (porposing) problems I was having. Please keep in mind, I knew when I bought this boat, it was not-nor-never was designed to be a "speed-boat" by far, but I ave had allot of boating experience in my years, and I knew it could operate safely at a much high speed then C-Dory claimed it would.

-As I promised, I would give all you some feedback on the results after installing this product to inform you if it helped correct the situation I was experiencing.

-My feedback to you is as follows; The Permatrim product I installed on my boat, not only corrected the awkward rear slide action in less than ideal water situations, it has changed the handle on the vessel completely. I could swear I would never have known it was the same boat. I still do not fully understand how something so simple in design and size could make such a huge difference. I have been a boat owner/operator for 25 plus years, have owned several different boat types, never have I made such a simple upgrade that would make such a huge difference. The installation instructions provided (.pdf format) by Shipyard Island Marina, Inc. were spot-on, easy to read and easy to do. Total install time was about 15 minutes. A special Thank you to Mr. Andrew J. Munao, Jr. (Shipyard Island Marina, Inc.) for his help and advice on the entire subject.

-The boat now handles like it is supposed to, it planes quickly and responds to steering like a sports car. I even got into some very nasty water conditions (4-5 ft swells, cross wind and confused current), these conditions occur at times in Prince William Sound Alaska around heavy island structure. In the past, before the Permatrim, I would have to slow roll the boat down to about 10 kts, and lumber through it for safety and comfort. With the Permatrim installed, the boat tracked true and safe, and I was able to operate at a safe speed of 20-22 kts.

-One other note to pass along, the boat came equipped with two Bennet Hyd Trim Tabs, before the Permatrim was installed, I had to keep them in the FULL down position at all times, now I can run them in a neutral position and use them for their intended purpose.

-It is worth twice the price I paid. Please use this testament to any other C-Dory customers, that this product will improve their boat handling, even if they don't have a real problem to speak of.

- One Last note: prior to the Permatrim I ran a 3-Blade; 15 pitch prop, I kept a 3-Blade 17 pitch prop as a spare. The Permatrim's new balance allowed almost a 300 RPM gain on the top end with the 15 pitch prop. I swapped over to a 4-blade; 15 pitch prop and now I tach-out 5900/6100 RPM (WOT) which gave me a 7 knot gain on the top end (thatís a BIG gain in this little boat). Last weekend I bought a 17 pitch-4 Blade prop to tone it down a bit, I can't wait to try it out. I am overly pleased with this product. If you have any other questions about this product I can try to answer, please contact me.


awesome product---90 plus percent of cavitation gone---lot of weight at my stern with 2 motors ,2 batterys, plus  a  40 gallon fuel tank---at 30 to 35 miles an hour, boat planes well, will reach speeds of 50 at 6000 rpms---boat is  smokercraft 19 footer and now does what i want it to---thanks again--denny from arabella golf  (7/21/2010)



June 5, 2011

andy, ust a follow up to let you know how the Permatrim I purchased back in Jan for my 19' Sea Swirl Striper with a

Honda 130 hp performed...I just got around to testing it and it worked out perfectly! i did remove the Honda kicker motor (for fishing) to do away with added weight and with the Permatrim installed the RPM's went up to 6000-6100 WOT and the boat planes right out of the hole in about 50' !! It looks like a factory Honda part on the motor and was fairly easy to install with detailed instructions..very satisfied customer and appreciated the advice.


Bob johnson